Our Products

Bliksem’s electronics kits are perfect for the tinkerer, adventurer and just about anybody with a curiosity about the electronic world we live in. Every activity has relevant application in designing electronic gadgets. These are miniature versions of electronic appliances you see in your daily lives.

Electrono Lite

Over 22 modules that can be interfaced to create useful gadgets. Electrono Lite is a starter prototyping platform that can be upgraded to higher level. supported by quick reference manual.

Electrono Academic

Over 30 modules that include Opamp, Logic gates, DVM, relays and 7 seg display. With illutrated user manual, trainer manual, measurements and debugging info. Application notes for extended applications available. Lifetime value for money product.

Addon Modules

The add on modules listed here and many more are available with the same standard interface to
help test new ideas. New applications are given in Application notes available to customers who
purchase Electrono Academic.
Please Note that as new modules are created, to extend the range, it will be updated here.

ElectrArduino Bridge

Using this interface Electrono Modules can be connected to Arduino interface. Supported by user manual, Electrono is a great platform for creating both hardware and Software solutions. The whole kit can be used by many people for many year.


Gratification based learning by interconnecting basic modular building blocks