About Us

Bliksem was founded to empower the younger generation with hands on electronics skills that would prepare future engineers and bring their theoretical electronics to life. It is a company started by an electronics engineer for the electronics engineers of the future.

Our Story

In the world of electronics, the story commences with a profound realization: the act of tinkering possesses an extraordinary capacity to ignite imaginative insight and drive innovation forward. This realization sets the stage for the emergence of Electrono, a groundbreaking kit meticulously crafted by Bliksem Tech with the explicit aim of dismantling barriers to entry in the field. With Electrono, the conventional prerequisites of a spacious garage or an extensive toolbox become obsolete – all that’s required is the transformative power of Electrono itself.

About The Founder

Mr. Nara, the visionary behind Electrono, observed the gap between theory-heavy education and the practical demands of the electronics industry. His passion for hands-on learning led to the creation of Electrono, a product born out of a career spanning from Philips Semiconductors to Micronas Intermetall GmbH and Genesis Microchip Inc. 

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Our Mission

Electrono, beyond a prototyping platform, aims to create skilled engineers, bridging academia and industry. Our vision is to redefine hands-on electronics, offering a lifelong, inspiring product. Join us through Electrono in realizing this vision.

Core Values